Bigeye Property Spotlights Seattle, WA

From Capitol Hill to Ballard, We Cover It All In This Month's City Research


Seattle is known for lots of rain and Kurt Cobain, but it has a lot more to offer to its residents. With beautiful vistas and a booming tech scene, there's a lot of reasons why 57 people move to Seattle per day — even though it's the 5th most expensive city in the country. In this month's property city research report, we explore what Seattleites look for in a new home. 

  • Seattle is the 18th-most populous city in the US, and the largest city by both area and population in Washington.
  • It is the #3 for best cities for tech work and tech-sector jobs. Seattle's tech scene makes it one of the top cities for tech workers.
  • With a vibrant, well-educated, and youthful population of 776,555 in the city of Seattle, the median age is 35.3 years.
  • Nearly 57 people move to the Seattle area. every day, according to a study done in 2020.

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